Module 4 – Making Web2.0 work for your organization (14 August 2013)

Why use social media in libraries
Where do people these days go to find information, to communicate and to share their experiences and stories? Young and old uses facebook, MySpace, twitter, YouTube, a blog and other social networking sites. And this will be the place a library can connect with users and non library users, share information about the library and events. I follow a few libraries in America on facebook. I visited a few when I was there for 2 years and now I keep up to date with what is happening through facebook. As more and more libraries and businesses use facebook, you are able to find more information.

According to Burkhardt (2009, p. 1) there is four reasons libraries should use social media. They are to communicate, to respond to positive and negative feedback, to advertise and to understand their users better. To understand your users better you need to have a conversation with them and it is easy to have a conversation on facebook. This is where you will respond to feedback and communicate and promote services and events.


Burkhardt, A. (2009, August). Four reasons libraries should be on social media. Retrieved

IFLA Conference
16 August 2013

I am on my way to the IFLA Conference tomorrow. So much information and photos are available on the IFLA WLIC 2013 Singapore facebook page. Some of the pre-conference workshops have started already. Opening ceremony is Sunday 18th August. Photos and videos will be shared on facebook, twitter and the website.

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